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Developing Your Creative Edge #2

Assignment # 1: Fall Colors

From:  caroleigh@c...
Date:  Fri Oct 8, 2004  7:14 am
Subject:  Critique: Rich Baker

Fall Squash - Looks like some horrible skin disease, doesn't it?! Very interesting picture (and I say "interesting" in a good way) in that it intriguingly depicts the bumps and the nature of certain squashes. Very good light, very good depth of field -- not so much that the background is distracting, but enough so that the bumps show up from front to back. I like that the squash is entering the shot at a slight angle. The round thingie where the squash stem attaches to the squash is sort of distracting. I think had there been an actual stem, it might have been more appealing; or you could have turned the squash to eliminate the stem-attachment thingie altogether. Good shot though, Rich.

Place it Just Right - The way you frame the guy through the hay bales is very good! The white pumpkin, being the lightest, brightest part of the photo, draws your attention right where you want it. The vertical format is perfect for this type of photo, concentrating all of our attention toward the subject. The blue shirt and the orange pumpkin? Complementary colors again! My only regret is that there are some straws of hay sticking out and obscuring part of the man's face. Overall, nicely done!

Picking Baskets - Very cool, especially the complementary colors of the red and green. I like the line-up, the repeating pattern, the light, the rusticness of the scene. The light is especially good here -- not harsh and contrasty, not blue and shadowy. Depth of field is rather shallow (just the center basket is in focus) and totally appropriate. Wish I'd seen baskets like this in my travels . . . How could the photo be better? There's something white just to the right of the beige basket that's rather distracting; had you moved your camera slightly to the left, you might have eliminated the white thing AND included more of the green basket, which would have balanced the shot more. Good eye, though, and good shot.

Carol Leigh


Fall Squash

Place It Just Right

Picking Baskets


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