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From an on-line photography class by Carol Leigh

Developing Your Creative Edge #3

Assignment # 1: Finding the Photo

From:  caroleigh@c...
Date:  Wed Jan 26, 2005  8:14 am
Subject:  Critique: Rich Baker (Ice - 3 photos)

Fire Down Below - You know, the first thing I did was look at this
photo as a vertical, with the darker side at the bottom, and what did
I see but a head shot of an Irish setter! But that's just me . . . I
think it works GREAT as a vertical, but let's take it as a horizontal.

No, I'm sorry, I just can't see it any more as a horizontal. So I took
the liberty of snagging your photo, bringing it into Photoshop,
rotating it 90 degrees, and loading it into your album. It's named,
appropriately enough, WOOF! I brought Chris into the office to show it
to him and he agrees that yup, it's a great ice dog shot. If the nose
didn't butt up so closely to the edge of the photo, it would be even
greater. Interesting color, good focus, I like the way the digaonal
ice bubble-lines in the lower left (of the vertical, now) lead our eye
up and into the photo. Kudos. (And how weird is this . . . I just now
received a spam e-mail with the header, "Your Dog Will Love It!")

Insect Escape - Saturated colors, good focus, interesting lines in the
ice. I'm finding the (what looks like an) out-of-focus piece of PVC
pipe sort of distracting, as well as the antennae . . . It's a clever
title to the photo, but doesn't quite cover up the fact that those
aren't really bug feelers!

Red Ice - Again, very dramatic colors here. I like the delineation of
the ice's edge against the background. And I like the fact that the
delineation is dark in some areas and light in others. It almost looks
like red water, a wave coming into shore onto red sand. The
composition's good, the way you've divided the photo in two, but not
QUITE two. Very pretty, simple photograph.


Carol Leigh


Fire Down Below


Insect Escape


Red Ice

Red Ice Slope

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