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Developing Your Creative Edge #3

Assignment # 2: Depth Of Field

From:  caroleigh@c...
Date:  Mon Jan 31, 2005  10:23 am
Subject:  Critique: Rich Baker (DOF - 3 photos)

I'm really liking all the different examples we're coming up with, too. And your three bears are very cute! I can see that it was difficult getting them all in without cutting off arms and blocking noses, so you get extra points for degree of difficulty! I'm surprised that I like the first one the best, the one taken at f/3.5 with the shallowest depth of field. I think that's because the first bear is sharp, and then there are blurry representations of bears but since I can see that they're all alike, it doesn't matter. When you begin adding more sharpness, i.e. more in focus from front to back, there isn't quite ENOUGH focus for me to be comfortable.

What the heck am I saying? I'm saying that having things SLIGHTLY in focus can be annoying; but having the foreground in focus and the rest blurred is okay. For me. Right now.

Good example of DOF. Cute bears. Good job.

Carol Leigh


Three Bears f / 3.5

Three Bears f / 8

Three Bears f / 16


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