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From an on-line photography class by Carol Leigh

Developing Your Creative Edge #3

Assignment # 3: Lighting

From:  caroleigh@c...
Date:  Tue Feb 22, 2005  8:06 am
Subject:  Critique: Rich Baker (Lighting - 3 photos)

Pansy photos - Oh, yes, look how much more the water droplets stand out in the non-diffused photo rather than the diffused. So THAT'S good to know -- one more little piece of information to tuck away in our collective brains. And notice, too, how the lighting on the far right droplet created a backlit glow on the petal. Due to your lighting setup, the direct light isn't all that direct, so the difference in the photos (non-diffused/diffused) isn't all that dramatic. Wait . . . let me look again . . . nope, just a little softer, showing less texture in the diffused image. You still have the backlit glow from the water droplet coming through in the diffused example, which surprised me.

Illuminated Tulip - Sort of reminds me of the space station-like platforms in the sand tufas at Navy Beach at Mono Lake . . . Very cool illumination and you did it in a very subtle manner, which I like. It would have been easy to have really overdone the illumination factor here. The only thing that's bugging me a little bit is the light-colored area there in the upper right, which constantly draws my eye away from the main focal point there in the center of the tulip. I wish, too, that we could see more of the right-hand "stalagmite" without it being blocked by a petal. But I'd say you did very well, creating a dramatic, interestingly-lighted photo. And it's a trick that you can use on all sorts of flowers in the future (should you so desire).

Carol Leigh


Pansy in direct light

Pansy in diffused light

Illuminated Tulip


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