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Developing Your Creative Edge #2

Assignment # 5: Twilight

From:  caroleigh@c...
Date:  Tue Dec 7, 2004  6:30 am
Subject:  Critique: Rich Baker (Twilight: 2 photos)

Colorado Twilight - You know what I like here? I like the feeling of tension you created (purposely, I'm sure) of the clouds seemingly headed off to the right and the rock formations seemingly headed off to the left. There's a "whoosh" from left to right, and then another "whoosh" from right to left. Just for grins, however, what if both the clouds and the rocks were headed the same direction? I think that, too, would have been very effective. I think our brain looks for patterns and appreciates them (rocks/clouds going the same way) but I also think our brain likes the little jolt it gets from "opposing" elements. You win either way. I like, too, how you emphasized the drama of the sky by putting the horizon line down low. A lot of people might have plunked the horizon line dead center (boo, hiss, static composition), which would have resulted in a lot of black, dark stuff in the photo and the clouds would have been minimized. But you (yay!) made the appropriate choice, I think.

B&B Porch View - Major horizontality going on here. I really like the layers of clouds, the layers of the islands/hills, the water, and the horizontal line of the ferry. The monochromatic feel is effective, too, don't you think? How could the photo be improved? Nothing you can do, really, about the placement of the ferry, but I think a bit of water between the top of the ferry and the black land mass would have made the ferry stand out more, would have separated it from the land rather than blending in with it, as it's doing now. I was going to say that perhaps less water in the foreground would be better, but I sort of like the symmetry the band of water has with the band of clouds in the very top of the photo . . . So I dunno about that. Good photo, Rich.

Carol Leigh


Colorado Twilight

B and B Porch View



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