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Developing Your Creative Edge #3

Assignment # 4: Backgrounds

From:  caroleigh@c...
Date:  Tue Feb 22, 2005  12:20 pm
Subject:  Critique: Rich Baker (Background - 6 photos)

Figurine - I'm so glad you used the same subject in each one of your background shots because it really shows what a different background does to the subject. You set it all up very well, the exposure's good, the lighting was good, as was the composition. Kind of wished I could
have seen more of the miseltoe/mistletoe/missiletoe/misseltow that the guy was holding in his hand, but I quibble. The red I think was kind of overpowering; the black was good; the white was blah; the blue was terrific and I agree with you that it really set off the figurine from the background.

Flower - What I really like about the flower shot is your angle. It's a very unusual angle from which to approach a flower and so I commend you. The flower's kind of okay (i.e., not perfect), but I like how you warmed it up by using a yellowish (complementary) background.

Nicely done.

Carol Leigh


Misletoe Cluttered

Mistletoe Blue

Mistletoe White


Mistletoe Black

Mistletoe Red

Daisy Blurred

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