Photos and Critiques

From an on-line photography class by Carol Leigh

Developing Your Creative Edge #3

Assignment # 1: Finding the Photo
Photograph Ice!. It could be as elaborate as an ice sculpture on a cruise ship's buffet table or something as simple as an ice cube from your freezer. Once you have your ice, you've got to really examine it to find an interesting pattern or design.
Assignment # 2: Depth Of Field
The goal is to make you aware, very aware, of the results that using different lens apertures (f/stops) will give you. Find two similar or identical objects and place one slightly behind the other. Focus on the closest object (set to manual focus and aperture priority). Shoot three photos, one at widest aperture, one at f/8, and one at f/16.
Assignment # 3: Lighting
This assignment involves flowers. To illustrate the power of a diffusion disk, photograph your flower in fairly bright, un-diffused light. Now take a diffusion disk (or use a white plastic trash bag) and hod it between the light source and your flower. Hold it as close as you can get to the flower. Photograph the flower using this diffused light source.
Assignment # 4: Backgrounds
Photograph a subject with no contrived background behind it - just as it is. Then photograph that same subject with a specifically selected background. Photograph something that has a bright red background. Photograph something against a bright white background. Photograph something and during the exposure, move your background.
Assignment # 5: Angle Of View
Photograph a flower or any other small object (although a flower would be preferable) and take three photos of it. 1) standard portrait of the flower's face. 2) a photo of the back of the flower. 3) a photo of the flower taken from below.
Assignment # 6: Mystery Photos
Take the colored pencils and the pencil sharpener you received and, using all the tools you've acquired during this class, take three different photos. You can use the pencils and sharpener any way you wish to create photos.

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