Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

Woof! I have seen your photography for the past what, 15 years? No question that you're getting better and better! These La Placita photos are terrific. Some of your best work, I think.

Photo # 1: Adobe Blue Sky and Cross
I selected this as my favorite image because of its simplicity. It consists of three elements: brown adobe, white dome/cupola, and blue sky. The exposure's good and there's enough depth of field to keep everything interesting, sharp to the eye, no guessing. Your main focal point is centered in the frame. Any problems with that? Not here. The white dome flowing down to the left is balanced by the brown adobe wall flowing up to the right. However, notice how you could crop in considerably from the right, making a square photo, and having the cupola/cross in the upper right. I'm not saying that's a more effective photo, I'm just saying that that's an option that's equally good. Beautiful photograph.
Photo # 2: Pots
This is such a touristy, postcard-like photo that I love it! It's a classic travel shot that would be quite marketable on its own and would be a welcome addition to whatever photo essay you would wish to put together about the area. Depth of field is relatively shallow, but that's okay here because our attention is on the front pot and the words carved into it; the second pot is slightly out of focus but we KNOW it's a pot and if you've seen one pot . . . well, you know the rest.
Photo # 3: Altar 1
I selected this as being the weakest shot for a couple of reasons. Although I appreciate how tough this was to take, everything sort of leans to the left and the cross is chopped off there at the bottom . . . Exposure's good, composition's good, but it's just not as good as the rest of your shots. So, we can add two more excellent mission shots to our gallery! Very well done.
Photo # 4: Adobe Walls
Not critiqued.
Photo # 5: Steps and Bricks
Not critiqued.
Photo # 6: View From The Side
Not critiqued.

I hope you're very pleased with these photos. They're wonderful. You should be proud of yourself.

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