Desert Museum

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

Did you notice? No "G's" were used in titling your images . . . But I digress. I know you think you didn't get many good shots at the Desert Museum, but I think you did rather well. The weakest one is the bird (a western tanager, I believe), but even that one isn't all that bad! So let's start with him . . .

Photo # 1: Pretty Birdie
If you photographed this guy while in the aviary, then I doubly appreciate your efforts because it was TOUGH in there! Very dark, very skittery birds, major challenge. These birds are so colorful that they really stand out. Put them on or next to a very light-colored branch, however, and their colors seem to dull out as our eye is directed to the branch rather than the bird. Not bad, but not a "wow" shot . . .
Photo # 2: Swimmin'
This otter was apparently really zooming around and so I appreciate that you were able to get something decent here. The angle gives a feeling of movement, as do the streaks of water glinting on his head and back as well as in the water. The white thing in the upper right-hand corner sort of bothers and distracts me, as though it were a white stick or something. If you were to make a print of this, you may wish to clone that out. Glint in the eye, swimming room -- nicely done.
Photo # 3: Watchin' and Waitin'
What I find appealing about this photo is not only that you have two animals both intent on the same thing, but that both are in focus and both have such strong features. Could you crop in more from the bottom and from the right? Yup, but the photo's fine as is. Good light, good composition, good focus, good exposure, terrific photo. You should be pleased with this!
Photo # 4: Prickly Pattern
Not critiqued.
Photo # 5: Petal Soft
Not critiqued.

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