Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

You said you were having trouble finding good photos from your TWO sessions at Tubac. (I say TWO because you were there HOW many times? Too much shopping, not enough clicking!) Actually, me, too. I was surprised at how few [good] photos I shot there . . .

Photo # 1: Painted Iguana
I would have said your iguana was very, very good, except that it's only got one eye! (Which reminds me of an old parrot joke, but I won't go there . . .) I kept looking and looking and wondering if maybe it was your angle, but ohhhhhhhh, I see! It's got one eye closed. Way too dark and subtle for me this morning, obviously . . . But I'm going to pick this one as the weakest anyway -- just too subtle. Maybe if you copied the eye on the left, flipped it over, then pasted it onto the right . . . Oops, I forgot, you probably HAVE a life! :-)
Photo # 2: Sunburst
I'm going to pick this one as my favorite of the bunch. I think I shot this one, too, only as a vertical and I cut the burst in half. I like your version, too. I like how the center of the sun, the "guts" of the sun, are there in the lower right corner and things radiate out from there. Very simple, very organic in feel, very textural with the patina on the sun and the grittiness of the wall.
Photo # 3: Sculpture
This wasn't easy to shoot and I like your approach. I photographed pretty much the top half of the sculpture and it doesn't have nearly the punch that your zooming in on part of it has. There's movement in the curves and repeating patterns in the circles and a variety of shades of blue, including the sky, that all come together very well. Nicely done.
Photo # 4: Sunburst With Patina
Not critiqued.

See? You got some decent shots there! And you bought some interesting things as well. AND had a good meal. Photography, shopping, food. Not a bad afternoon.

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