Photos and Critiques

From an on-line photography class by Carol Leigh

Developing Your Creative Edge #2

Assignment # 1: Fall Colors
Create three or four images that say "fall" without them necessarily being big, broad landscapes. The photo could be something as simple as an apple sitting in a basket, or an ear of Indian corn, or an image of a glowing pumpkin. Your photos should say "fall" as cleanly and as simply as possible.
Assignment # 2: Primary Colors
Create five different photographs. In one photo, use all three primary colors (red, blue, yellow). In another photo, use just two primary colors (red/blue, red/yellow, blue/yellow), and then create three more photographs, each one containing just one primary color.
Assignment # 3: Car Art
Whether the car is an antique or not, a 1973 Chevrolet or a 2004 Taurus, really examine the color, the lines, the shapes, the reflections, the curves, the repeating patterns, and put together three different photographs that may consist of the entire vehicle or simply parts of a vehicle.
Assignment # 4: S - Curves
Create three photographs that depict the concept of an S-curve. It doesn't matter if the subject is natural or man-made, a "found" S-curve or a contrived one. This exercise is designed to help you see more, to notice more, to look more at the abstract shapes of things rather than the thing itself.
Assignment # 5: Twilight
Go out either before sunrise or after sunset and photograph a landscape or a cityscape or a seascape or a lakescape, capturing the feeling of twilight in your photograph -- which means you'll probably be including the sky. Keep in mind that this is twilight photography, not night photography, so your window of opportunity will be rather narrow.
Assignment # 6: Cats and Dogs
Find and photograph a dog or a cat, looking for something unusual or different about the animal. It could be the lighting, the expression on the animal's face, or something unusual or different about its body or its coloring or its markup.

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