The Barrio

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

It was tough to decide which photo I liked the best. Do I go with the red door? The blue heart? But nope, I liked the mailbox first, then the blue door with the graphic on it, then the graffiti heart, then the red door, then the bleeding heart. Let's start with the mailbox . . .

Photo # 1: Heart in Hand
Good eye for spotting this. And I like how you placed the mailbox in the upper right third of the photo. Would a little more space at the top been in order? Perhaps . . . seems just a tad crowded there at the top. But that's a minor point. Cute graphic image, nice photograph, two more and you've got an interesting tryptich! And the blue and the orange? Complementary colors!
Photo # 2: Keyed In
Very clever! This one made me smile. I'll bet this was tough to compose. Do you go for a horizontal or a vertical? Where do you place the main focal point? Not easy, but I think you handled it well.
Photo # 3: Mural
I think this is the weakest of the bunch. I photographed this mural, too, and it was very hard to crop in without cropping something off, and in this case the guy on the left has part of his head sliced off and there's something dark and roundish intruding into the photo . . . Maybe when photographing this mural we either had to shoot the whole thing or not at all . Kudos to you for finding things that no one else seemed to. Very refreshing. Very well done.
Photo # 4: Red Door
Not critiqued.
Photo # 5: Hearts
Not critiqued.
Photo # 6: Bleeding Hearts
Not critiqued
Photo # 7: Graffiti
Not critiqued

I hope you're very pleased with these photos. They're wonderful. You should be proud of yourself.

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