Pima Air Museum

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

Major abstraction going on here, CJ! .

Photo # 1: Solids and Stripes
Ha! I selected this one as my favorite and then was thinking it looked awfully familiar. Then I remembered a visit I made last year to Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California and you can see my photo here: <http://www.photoexplorations.com/POD/sep0402.htm>. You went for much more diagonality whereas I included a bit of blue sky. Your shot's broken up into three sections -- yellow, black, and then the red/white -- which I think is very effective. Very clean, simple, neat. Good shot.
Photo # 2: Danger
Looks like with you and Sharon and Pat one can never have too much danger in one's life! So I picked this one just because I like the danger theme we've got going . . . Again, three elements: DANGER, grey/white, red. The shadow doesn't help a whole lot, but it doesn't hurt much, either. I would have picked your propeller shot, but someone else seems to have shot it, too . . . and a bit better! :-)
Photo # 3: Racing Stripe
Everything's good about this photo. It's lined up horizontally. There are repeating patterns. Nice feeling of movement from left to right in it. Good design. I guess it's just not colorful enough to rank toward the top of your Pima images, which I think are rather exciting.
Photo # 4: Blue Angel
Not critiqued.
Photo # 5: View From The Propeller
Not critiqued.

Thanks for posting these. I think you did well.

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