Tumacacori Mission

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

Well, I like the "Log End in Wall" because it's abstract and weird. I like the "Mission Through the Doors" because of its depth and interesting framing. I like "A Single Vessel" because of the dramatic lighting and simplicity. And I like "Vessel Row" because of the NON-dramatic lighting and the repeating pattern.

Photo # 1: Log End In Wall
This could be the best or it could be the weakest. No kidding. And maybe it's the best. I keep coming back to it, keep looking at it . . . is that a component of being a good photo? That it captures our interest? I like the smoothness of the adobe walls, the bold shadow, and the end of the log. I like how the shadow sort of "hugs" the log end. And I really like how we can see the detail in the shadow. And there are three elements: adobe wall, log, shadow. And there are three vertical stripes: adobe, shadow, adobe. And the log end is placed in the lower third of the photo. Very nicely done, Rich.
Photo # 2: Vessel Row
Great idea! Very good depth of field. I like that the lighting is even and really makes the pots look good. And capturing the touristy-ish-but-effective writing on the forward pot was a good touch. I wish you'd raised your camera up just a hair, however, so that there was less space below the foreground pot and so that the background pot wasn't clipped off. Minor point, however. Good shot.
Photo # 3: A Single Vessel
Dramatic lighting, bold shadows, simple composition -- works for me! Metering was a challenge here -- how to keep some of the shadow detail while not blowing out the lighter areas -- and you handled it well. I'm wondering about the pot placement -- it and its shadow are sort of right in the middle of the photo. What if you were to crop in a bit from the left, thus forcing the pot/shadow more into the lower left of the photo rather than in the middle? I don't know . . . Pretty darn good photo as-is! Kudos.
Photo #4: Mission Through The Doors
(not cirtiqued)

That muffled sound you just heard, however, is me screaming and running from the room looking for my first cup of coffee this morning . . . I shouldn't critique without the benefit of caffeine.

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