The Barrio Critique

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

You came oh-so-close on some of these, Rich, but little things kept them from being great, such as cropping off the top of the window frame in the reflection shot, the head not being really recognizable on the lizard, but your . . .

Photo # 1: Mailbox on Convent
is TERRIFIC! Very bold, very powerful colors, good composition in that you put the mailbox high and off-center (out of the "strike zone," so to speak -- and you thought I knew NOTHING about baseball!). The door color is a wonderful bold red, complemented by the duller green and the weathered purple of the mailbox. I think this is an excellent photo.
Photo # 2: Push Button Window
Hoo ha! You know what makes this shot (At least in my eyes)? What makes this photo is that we can see the hammering on the copper, providing some texture to an otherwise uncolorful, blah surface. But it's the blah surface that really makes the glass tiles stand out. Good composition, interesting juxtaposition of textures (glass, copper or brass or whatever the metal is).
Photo # 3: A Purple Door
A Purple Door - I selected this as being the weakest of the bunch because the composition isn't very dramatic. But how could it have been better, really? Darned if I know . . . I do like the colors and the weathered wood, but the white doorknob and the shiny modern deadbolt keyhole just don't add a lot of interest to the shot, especially since they're right in the middle there. Compare this composition to the gentle curve and sweep of the lizard and you can see what I mean -- one's got motion and movement to it whereas the other is rather static.
Photo #4: Door in the Window
(not cirtiqued)

Photo #5: A Lizard on the Brass Fence
(not cirtiqued)

Photo #6: Old 486
(not cirtiqued)

Love the convent mailbox! Wish I'd seen it . . . Maybe next year!

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