La Placita Critique

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

Photo # 1: Bicycle and Tile Roof
I call this the weakest, but it's got a LOT of drama going for it. First off, I think it's great that you even noticed this. It was an excellent idea. The colors are strong, the silhouette is strong, so what's the problem? I think it's just too busy. You've got the strong form of the bike competing with the vertical elements of the railing, which isn't too bad. But then there's the horizontal part of the railing there in the upper half of the shot, which takes away from the verticality. And then there's the thicker vertical line at the far left of the photo, right along the edge, that merges in with the bike. Crop in from the left and you've lost an important component of the bicycle. Heavy sigh. Good eye, good concept, but little details kept this from being a stronger image.
Photo # 2: Pink Window Frames
Hoo ha! You know what makes this shot? (At least in my eyes what makes this shot?) Three triangles. You've got the bold traiangular shadow there in the upper right, which is then echoed in the two smaller but equally bold triangular shadows in the pink windows. You've got repeating diagonality (always a good thing) going on here not only in the shadows but in the lines of demarcation between the paint colors. And then you've got some rectangularity going on as well in the section on the far right as well as in the pink windows. Very strong colors. Very strong composition. Excellent photograph.
Photo # 3: Purple Wall
This was a hard call. Do I pick Pink Window Frames or Purple Wall as my favorite? I chose this one for its subtlety. The colors are extreme but muted (if that makes sense). Purple, pink and green aren't your typical color combinations. I like how the dark purple creates a base or an anchor for your photo and takes up approximately two thirds of the space, leaving the remaining one third for the lighter colors of pink and green. The black railing and its bold shadow simply tie everything together. Rule of thirds. Three colors. Three railing braces. Two thirds purple, one third other colors. Two thirds dark, one third lighter. You did good, laddie!
Photo #4: Red Plumbing
(not cirtiqued)

Photo #5: Shut Off Valve
(not cirtiqued)

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