Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

Photo # 1: Bright Cloth
Wonderful colors here, Rich. Nice lines. Clean composition. The photo's sort of cut in half, but since the line of demarcation is on a slant, it doesn't impact the shot as much as if the line went straight across. I think, however, that if you were wishing to show layers of bright cloth, then three layers would have had more impact than two . . . rule of thirds and all that! Good eye for seeing this . . .
Photo # 2: Chili Plate
Again, good eye and very clever idea. Good colors. The shadow or darkness on the left side of the plate brings the photo down a bit. If what you liked was bright color, repeating patterns, and red, then "darkish shadow" doesn't add to that concept . . . Guess you're just gonna have to go back and re-shoot this one!
Photo # 3: Pots As Decoration
Very cute idea and I like how you have just enough depth of field so that the pots down toward the bottom are sharp enough so that we know what they are. Interesting angle on the pot, which I like. I wish you'd turned the two darker pots rightside up -- that's the only thing I think that would have made this photo better.

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