Photos and Critiques

From a photography workshop by Carol Leigh

Developing Your Creative Edge Tucson

Location # 1: La Placita
A bright, colorful center with 5 restaurants, businesses, an outdoor theater, and multiple levels. A great place to get extreme colors.
Location # 2: The Barrio
South of Cushing St. between Main Ave. and Stone Ave., downtown Tucson. Private businesses and residences. Throughout the area you’ll find examples of typical Sonoran architecture—original, thick-walled adobe homes and businesses, many painted with vibrant colors.
Location # 3: Arizona State Desert Museum
In the heart of the Sonoran Desert: living exhibits include more than 1,300 types of plants, 300 kinds of animals. HOT! Getting good shots in bright sun is a challenge. Animals are always a challenge.
Location # 4: Tumacacori
Tumacácori National Historical Park in the upper Santa Cruz River Valley of southern Arizona is comprised of the abandoned ruins of three ancient Spanish colonial missions. Bright light, soft adobe, and an old mission made for a great location.
Location # 5: Tubac
Tubac was established in 1752 as a Spanish presidio (fort). Working artists' studios now surround the grounds which once served as the home for a Spanish military garrison. Lots of shopping but some of us weren't photo inspired.
Location # 6: Pima Air Museum
More than 250 aircraft representing America's history. Didn't seem like it would be a hit. Got some of the best images there. Just relax and look close.

An Extra Category: Miscellaneous
Not all the images we take fit nicely into the location categories. Sometimes there are images from outside the area. Sometimes we just want to post more.

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