Pima Air Museum

Comments by workshop leader Carol Leigh

I can see why you had a tough time limiting your photos of the Pima Air Museum. And it was tough for me to sort them out as to which should be given the #1 and #2 slots.

Photo # 1: Behind the Propeller
I think this is a very cool photo because of (a) the angle of view, (b) the simple composition, and (c) the subtle coloration and texture. You've got three (3!) horizontal layers going on here, with the plane's wing, the clouds, and the sky. And then the two propellers angling off in both directions sort of tie everything together. Clean, simple, interesting. Well done.
Photo # 2: Danger
I didn't know which one to choose next, but I thought this was rather bold and dramatic with the diagonal lines as well as the arrow and the word DANGER leading our eye in a particular direction. Would the photo be better if the word DANGER were completely level? Probably . . . We ought to combine three recent photos that come to mind: Sharon's photo of "PLAY," your photo of "DANGER," and a photo I took at a railroad museum that says "BE CAREFUL!" There's a very graphic element in signs and words that I think photographers should be more aware of than they are, so I really appreciate your creating something out of this. Good shot.
Photo # 3: Single Propeller
I chose this one as being the weakest. Yes, it's a very simple and clean composition and I like how you placed the prop there in the lower left. The clouds are good, too. I just think the shot's a bit blah compared with some of the equally simple but visually more compelling shots you also posted.
Photo #4: Fighter Insignia
(not cirtiqued)

Photo #5: Red Exhaust
(not cirtiqued)

Photo #6: Rockets
(not cirtiqued)
Photo #7: Sad Mohawk
(not cirtiqued)
Photo #8: Tail Fins
(not cirtiqued)
Photo #9: Tail Symmetry
(not cirtiqued)
Photo #10: Color Bands
(not cirtiqued)

You got some good shots there, Rich. And I thought your "Tail Symmetry" and "Color Bands" were also quite dramatic and interesting. Thanks for posting all these. Now where's that DELETE key?! :-)

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