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Developing Your Creative Edge #2

Assignment # 2: Primary Colors

From: caroleigh@c...
Date: Sun Oct 17, 2004 9:42 am
Subject: Critique: CJ Middendorf (Primary Colors - 2)

Of the two photos I'm looking at right now as thumbnails, the red heart REALLY stands out. But let's take a closer look . . .

Chalk Festival Superman
It's too bad you went for a diagonal line here, CJ . . . (Ha! You said you could predict what I was going to say, so I thought I'd yank your chain a bit.) Very interesting shot in that it sort of looks like you were photographing a comic book (which ain't a bad idea, actually), but the gritty nature of the asphalt really adds to the texture of the painting and hence the photograph. Yeah, the diagonal line's good and it's probably the only way it would have fit into your frame. I find that very often I'll create a diagonal line not on purpose, but because that's my only option if I want something to fit into the frame tightly. Good light, good color, good subject matter. Perfect example of primary colors: blue, yellow, red.

A Full Heart
Yeah, very effective with those bold, vivid primary colors. This would make a good print AND would make a great greeting card! I like how you set the heart off to one side, leaving rom for the yellow slashes on the right to lead your eye out of the frame. Is the yellow squiggle there on the left distracting? Nah, leave it. Wonderful abstract image (picture within a picture) and an excellent example of primary colors. Terrific.

Carol Leigh


Chalk Festival Superman

A Full Heart

Yellow Flower


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