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Developing Your Creative Edge #3

Assignment # 6: Mystery Photos

From: caroleigh@c...
Date: Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:42 am
Subject: Critique: CJ Middendorf (Pencils - 5 photos)

I've been seeing your photography for a long time, CJ, and I think this is among the best you've ever done! Woof!

Pencils in Motion - This is very, very cool. Unlike any photos you've taken before, that I'm aware of. Good lines, good colors, you filled the frame, the lighting's good. Could be a hair brighter -- not necessarily the pencils, but the background. If the background were more white, I think the photo would really pop. Now, care to share with the group how you did this? (Uh-oh . . . maybe you did already. I'm going to go back and read your posting after I finish this.)

Pencil Shavings on Mylar - Complementary colors diagonalling in from the upper right -- works for me! I dare not use the word "murky," but here, too, I think the photo could use a LITTLE bit of brightening up to make it livelier. But let's go to the next shot, which I think is brilliant . . .

Reverse Bouquet - YES! Quite clever, simple composition, good lighting, interesting concept, hooray! Could it be a little lighter? (I hear a heavy sigh.) I brought it into Photoshop and lightened it somewhat and put it in your photo album to see what you think . . .

Bubble Bath photos - Ha! Excellent! Bright, vivid, colorful, the bubbles are great. This would work upside-down as well. I like that you went for a vertical format. This probably would have more impact had you just included the three primary color pencils and left out the other ones, that way our attention is directed SOLELY at primary colors. But that's a minor point. Comparing the primary color photo with the next one, the next one looks dull and oppressive, whereas your primary color photo sparkles.
Kudos to you, lady! Terific photos. You should be proud of yourself.

Carol Leigh


Pencils in Motion

Pencil Shavings on Mylar

Reverse Bouquet


Primary Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath 2

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